You are what you love

This is a little piece I wrote for a literary journalism class I’m taking right now. It was an assignment on creating a character. It’s about my grandfather and it got a B+. Later assignments got better grades but people have been telling me to post this here. I’m not sure if anyone outside of my family will be super into it but I’m kind of proud of it.


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When it sounded better

Regular readers (are there any?) may have noticed my dad comes up a bit in my ramblings. There was even a photo of him in one of my personal favourite entries. There’s good reason for this, the man is as supportive as he is entertaining. He’s also an inspiration and with the way my family has shaped my character it was inevitable that I would be able to mine them for blog ideas.

But now he’s started to horn in on my territory! He’s written a wordy, thoughtful piece on the importance of music and the way it has impacted his life and it is good. So here it is, posted in full for you to enjoy. I post this as a professional courtesy and I hope that the message is received. Because if you try and steal my readers (are there any?) with any more gold of this calibre it will mean war old man. War.

Anyway, enjoy. It’s really good. And he’s also included scans of his original Pink Floyd ticket and concert programme. Bonus content!


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Facebook 2011 – State of the Union


Two years ago I wrote a little something about how much I hate Facebook and how it is evil and smells and hurts people and how I’ll keep using it anyways because, duh, it’s Facebook. As we all know, two years is equivalent to about fifty years in Internet time and so that blog entry now looks so embarrassingly outdated it may as well be wearing a smoking jacket and worrying about ‘the Negro problem’.

Nobody becomes fans of anything any more and nobody does those ‘how well do you know X’ quizzes any more. That’s objectively a good thing but their fall from grace as the popular thing to idly do on Facebook only leaves vacuums that equally banal things rush in to fill. There is one major difference after all these years though. Whereas in the good ol’ days of 2009 the idiocy was almost entirely user-generated, now it seems the online stupid infection and looped back on Facebook’s evil overlords themselves. Facebook seems to have taken up the challenge nobody threw down to create the worst and simultaneously most popular website on the Internet.

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Dear Me from mid-2010, You are stupid.


This blog is like Jason Voorhees. Every time you think it’s dead it jumps out of a river or from behind a bush to cause you panic and consternation.

Man I’m rusty at this. Let me try again.

This blog is like a zombie. It should be dead but it keeps coming back to life to suck your brains. Or just suck.

Okay third time’s the charm.

This blog is like Mother Theresa’s vag[REDACTED]

Let’s just get into it shall we?

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The Upside of Living on Your Own


It’s Sunday. I thought about having a shower at about one in the afternoon. I live on my own, and it’s great.

I went down to the super market to buy ice cream and thought ‘hey those bananas would probably be awesome in this here ice cream’. So I bought them also. Because I live on my own, it’s great. The vaguely disgusted, bitter faces of the other shoppers only proved that I was absolutely right to do this.

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