A sort-of breakthrough thanks to Donald Glover and Daniel Bryan (Week 3 of 9)


That up there is my new ‘I’m going running’ t-shirt and I think it’s partly responsible for this week becoming, dare I say, somewhat enjoyable.

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Highly Recommended – How to kill time with no bloody money.

A new acquaintance commented last week that Hong Kong is a place you can get more out of if you’re not on too much of a budget. Oh how right she was. Except for those couple of nights where I was kindly taken out, I had all of 170 dollars to my name after the motel in Shanghai hilariously pretended to steal my card. Without the option of just wandering around central, hopping on and off the MTR and picking up lunch/dinner where ever I pleased I had to entertain myself for a while (get your minds out the gutter) and so decided the easiest way to not spend money would be to not leave the apartment. Genius! There’s a whole worldwide web at my fingertips, all the information people who are so inclined to make available is available. Time killing after all, is simple when I have something to do so I’ll be able to do it just as effectively when I’m actually trying. Stands to reason dunnit? Continue reading